Monday, January 21, 2013

Walker Authority, Legislative Republicans have no way to pay for maintaining roads, infrastructure.

Sec. of Dept. of Transportation Mark Gottlieb is trying to make his fellow Republicans think very seriously about RAISING TAXES, the only way the state will be able to improve our crumbling infrastructure. That increase, if voted on fully, would negate any possible middle class tax cut in the state by Walker.

Can these guys run a government or what? From WPT's Here and Now: 

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  1. walker will grab headlines for being a "tax cutter" and the legislature will raise user fees and the gas tax.

    The Wisconsin media echo chamber will proclaim:

    1. walker is this great fiscal hero, the working-man's friend.

    2. the state has to be responsible and pay for roads and "brave" leaders have created a system where those that use them pay more (ignoring that the biggest beneficiaries are multinational corporations). The nooooze won't mention that walker signed these measures -- he will be the tax cutter.

    The real problem that enabled everything else you blog about its Wisconsin's network of propaganda -- blankets the state.

    Propaganda created the disaster of george WALKER bush's presidency and scott Walker is a cousing from the "poor" side of the family -- the patriarch is not Prescott Bush -- he was an alcoholic tool of GEORGE HERBERT WALKER -- the biggests fascist from the 20th century.

    America has seen this family spearhead corporate takeovers and coups before -- though the media covers it up -- was only recently the truth about a coup against FDR was made public.

    And YES -- that was a george herbert WALKER thing!