Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guns before First Graders!!! Capitol Gun Rally removes "Responsible" from "...Gun Owners."

The faces in the crowd  are now seared in my mind. Think about it; ga-ga gun owners are free to trash the Capitol over the Second Amendment, but blow a gasket and threaten to kill Walker protesters over their First Amendment rights.

Exploiting the deaths of first graders with a gun rally, really? This is what it takes to get frightened CC owners out from survivalist hideaways?

The bullet chopped bodies of 20 children appears to be the last thing these blood thirsty juvenile bully wannabee’s were thinking about, much less trying to protect.

All they can talk about is protecting themselves from the “takers,” while ignoring the reality that not everybody wants to carry a gun, or feels safe around one. It’s a big flaw in their plan, which is based on fear, paranoia and on the false premise the Second Amendment had anything to do with over throwing their own country or shooting at their own military.

When you attract the likes of known bigot and racist Sen. Glenn Grothman, what more needs to be said, “Don’t Tread on Me?”
Channel3000: Capitol police spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said an estimated 500 to 600 people showed up and there were no issues. Pictures posted on the page showed people holding signs like "Know Guns Know Freedom."

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