Monday, January 14, 2013

Walker Authority; You've been a bad citizen. Banned!

Nothing says authoritarian like the new rules coming out of the Republican legislature. Dissent will not be tolerated.

This is so Republican, and so ass back words.

Hey, if Wisconsinites sit silently in the gallery, then all is well. If no one is able to protest in and around the Capitol, all is well. Kicking people off food stamps and unemployment saves money, all is well. Preventing Americans from suing doctors and manufacturers reduces lawsuits, all is well. If we just keep people from complaining, their First Amendment right, all is well.

Without opposition, we’re left with the appearance of happiness.

WSJ: Visitors to the state Senate gallery, as well as any "Senate space," could be barred from returning for the entire two-year legislative session … including not just the Senate chamber but also offices, hearing rooms, and "any other space in the Capitol that is traditionally reserved for the conduct of Senate business." The proposed rules would go beyond banning just signs to say "other objects" could not be displayed by gallery visitors.
State Republicans are imposing a “new “ version of freedom and liberty. They want us to get used to it.

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