Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walker Authority Intimidates, Harasses Protesters with Unconstitutional Arrests.

Scott Walker and the brownshirt's at the DOA don't care so much for the First Amendment.

Where are our tea party constitutional scholars? I'm beginning to think their beloved Second Amendment makes the First irrelevant. With a gun, you can say and do anything you want.

But what has happened to ticketed protesters at the Capitol proves once and for all, the Walker Authority is ruling the state through intimidation.
Wheeler Report: Late last week, the Department of Justice continued to throw out citations issued to Capitol protestors under inapplicable administrative code provisions as many of these cases advance through the judicial system.  To date, with approximately 125 citations being issued since Chief Erwin’s tenure, none have resulted in a fine being leveled against a protestor.  And the latest dismissal could result in dozens of additional cases being dismissed.

Rep. Chris Taylor has been rebuffed by Chief Erwin and the Department of Administration when attempting to ascertain what specific protestor conduct was objectionable.

“(It) seemed merely designed to harass people exercising their constitutional rights,” stated Rep. Taylor.  “The Walker administration and Chief Erwin decided to go down the path of issuing unlawful citations, which has wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars in police time, attorney time and court time.”   

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