Thursday, January 31, 2013

When does Conservatism become a medically diagnosed mental illness, and can we then take their guns?

Here’s just another example of conservative thinking, and why I think they’re mentally ill.
Fox News: A Montana lawmaker says that convicts should be allowed to escape prison time if they instead agree to the "infliction of physical pain." Republican Rep. Jerry O'Neil is drafting a bill that would allow those convicted of misdemeanors or felonies to negotiate corporal punishment instead of another sentence … he thinks long prison sentences are inhumane, and thinks many prefer something like "20 lashes."

The conservative lawmaker made headlines by seeking to get paid in gold and silver coins because he is skeptical about the future of the dollar. 
Is O’Neil just offering a different opinion, or is that opinion a symptom of someone who's bat crazy nuts? Thank god were secretly building FEMA prisons. 

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