Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walker follows in Bush's footsteps, offers tax cuts. Here we go again.

Let's just say the Walker administration didn't borrow $500 million, and take a large share of one time federal money, to come up with a "supposed" state surplus.

Anyone see a similarity to the Bush administrations tax cuts and Walker's proposed state tax cuts? Both based their tax cut on the availability of surpluses...that disappeared due to the lost revenues. That's where we're headed.

Just when the state has recovered from the great recession and multi-year belt tightening, some of the cut funding can now be restored. But instead, "surpluses" trigger something in a Republicans head that make them give that money back without paying for it. Instead of prospering during the good times, Republicans want to do just the opposite.

Because of our gerrymandered state and Republican majority, we're headed for some very tough times where safety nets disappear, poverty increases and wages remain stagnant.

When Republican dominated states change the rules for disseminating Electoral College votes, using their gerrymandered districts as leverage, we're in for a Republican president no matter how many votes the Democrat's get. It's going to happen I'm sorry to say.

Or, I'm just really in a foul mood right now. But think about it.

The graph below illustrates how state revenues will tank in the future due to Walker's first year tax cut giveaway to business. Throwing in another tax cut without real job creation to help pay for the lost revenues is a recipe for disaster.


  1. Just the tip of iceberg, Walker's cut $1.6B in education, pulled 100's of millions in compensation from public workers pockets, shifted money away from local roads and how have most communities responded? With referendums to increase taxes and fees onto ourselves. This way, it was the locals who made the painful choice to increase taxes, not Scott Walker. By doing so, we continue to make him and his ideas look good while he then offers tax cuts because of sacrifices and decisions HE made. It's the formula for his political success and I think he banks on our natural tendency for responsibility and progress to prevent the local decline his system would otherwise bring. IMHO.

  2. Now I'm even more depressed. But you're right, it's the same trick he used as county executive, relying on the county board to increase taxes overriding his cuts.