Monday, January 14, 2013

Ryan's Country Club appearance says a lot, too bad his Mysterious detailed Plan for Medicare and Taxes doesn't.

Thank god, we’re finally blessed with the presence of Paul Ryan again. He’s been away you know, licking his wounds from a tough, brutal presidential campaign. Can you image how exhausted he must have felt? Ryan’s recuperation, from November to January 13, ended when he mustered up enough strength to appear before his constituents at a town hall…I’m sorry, a country club to rub shoulders with the average working stiffs who can't seem to get enough of his anti-government rhetoric.
Journal Times: Despite voting for the contentious fiscal cliff package that raised tax rates, it was clear Sunday that Ryan’s status among his TEA Party supporters hadn't diminished. 
Because to rabid low information tea party voters, Republican fiscal policy plays second fiddle to power, guns and hating liberals. They're still not asking for a detailed plan on health care reform:
Compliments of the Onion
Ryan lambasted the Affordable Care Act’s complexity and effectiveness, and predicted that it would eventually fail. “I think this thing is going to collapse under its own weight because it’s not sustainable. It’s sickly, and it cannot survive because it’s such a poorly drafted law.”
Of course Ryan failed to mention the wrench thrown into the system by uncooperative Governors and Republican state legislatures who refuse to obey federal law passed by congress.
Ryan said he favors a consumer-directed health care system driven by free-market competition.
What Ryan never mentions is we already have a free market system, that’s why we’re getting crushed by the massive increases in cost. Ryan’s plan goes one step further though by removing the basic requirements of health care providers, meaning Americans will essentially be buying junk policies filled with legalese that pretty much exempts everything. Now that's competition. 

But Ryan saved the biggest load of BS for last; the promise of a detailed plan:
He has similar plans to “show ... in legislative detail” alternatives on income tax reform and Medicare reform.
Here’s my challenge; let’s see the plan, and the CBO analysis. That’s all. How easy is that? But low information tea party voters can’t be bothered with such wonkish details, after all, they’re already too busy planning their new American revolution against a tyrannical U.S. government. 

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