Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Free Market" MacIver Institute pushes Big Government, Top Down one size fits all Voucher Program.

The “MacIver Institute” (what joke, it’s more like a place for freeloading conservatives), just revealed their true motivation behind the not-so successful school vouchers program.

After mentioning the usual “school choice gives parents educational options to escape failing schools” feel good mumbo jumbo, MacIver revealed the real reason why vouchers are so important, and it has nothing to do with education.

Trashing Republican State Sen. Mike Ellis for insisting on giving local districts the choice to go with vouchers, MacIver wrote:
It's especially disappointing when Republicans like Ellis, who have little to gain by defending the educational status quo except a few fleeting favorable headlines, decide to cast their lot with the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC). After WEAC's attempts to unseat so many of Ellis' colleagues and foment unrest at the Capitol, you would think that he would be reluctant to placate them with a proposal to block the expansion of school choice.
Vengeance...can’t you just feel it? It’s get back time, now that's real education reform. The deep thinkers at MacIver can’t get past their anger and resentment over those who dissented from the Walker Authority's big government takeover. 

Ellis’ position will only help spread “chaos” to a community near you, otherwise known as our First Amendment right to petition the government. You gotta fear the protesters:
Instead, what Ellis proposals is the expansion of the conflict, protests and demonstrations in Madison to a community near you. A battle-weary Wisconsin would see WEAC's organized chaos writ large.
Make no mistake, Republicans are big government authoritarians. The following is breathtaking, along with an amazing admission that referendums don’t really reflect the people’s intent, but the monied interests that hijack the vote:
What Ellis proposes is that no expansion of private school choice could take place without a referendum within the affected school district. To get the referendum on the ballot, supporters of private school choice would have to meet the same level of signatures needed for the recall of an elected member of the legislature. This referendum process would somehow assure "local control."

It's an absurd notion. The moment such a petition effort began, partisans from both sides would beleaguer the local school district. They would be flooded by outside union ad spending and outside union organizers opposed to school choice. Where is the "local" in that chaos?
But it was okay for the marriage amendment? Or possibly adding voter ID to the constitution? Or how about the right to keep and bear arms...the death penalty? 

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