Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Piers Morgan and Mayor Barrett get nothing from crazy Sheriff Clarke. Milwaukee Woman fires gun on advice from Clarke!!!

CNN's Piers Morgan isn't afraid to take on the armed gun nut bullies with his arsenal of reasoning and logic. He uses words with greater precision than the spray of semiautomatic bullets from his simpleton guests babbling meaningless talking points about a Second Amendment they know little about.

Tonight, Piers and Mayor Tom Barrett asked Sheriff David Clarke a few simple to answer questions, and got nothing but a rehashing of Clarke's 30 radio announcement. No background checks, no solution to an "involuntary mental judgement commitment," no solution to a domestic violence record.

In fact, the conservative response bashing politicians who receive protection while in office is lunacy and shows the fallacy of their arguments. Clarke would rather prosecute killers AFTER they leave a trail of dead bodies, instead of before. But that's the real difference isn't it?

Check out the loon that believed Clarke's advice in the story below. Big surprise: 

jsonline: Woman's excuse for firing gun: Sheriff Clarke said it was OK: A 36-year-old Milwaukee woman had a ready excuse when Milwaukee police approached her Saturday about firing a gun … Makisha Cooper told police that Sheriff David Clarke had said it was OK for her to arm herself, according to a criminal complaint accusing her of endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon while intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon.

Cooper told police "that she knows her rights regarding having a firearm because she heard Sheriff Clarke on the radio stating that she could own a gun to protect herself," the complaint says. Cooper later told police she had gotten into a fight with her niece, then went to her car to retrieve the gun. She fired it once in front of a house, she told police.

Proponents of gun control legislation were right then?

Critics have said Clarke's radio message was irresponsible and encouraged "amped-up vigilantism." 


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  2. good thing our schools are so dumbed down that there is no shortage of racist haters that will lap up the insane rants of a fake-democratic sheriff.

    The teabaggin' politics are only possible in a culture with a dysfunctional education system.


    Good thing their "workers rights" to, you know, not actually do their job, is supported by their uuuuuuunion!

    Solidiarity stooooopid!

  3. You have clarke's position wrong -- when he says he wants you "in the game" he is refering to gay sex.

    Since milwaukee county sheriff deputies have so little to do, when you call 9/11 they expect calls for BJs.

    Clarke has had more balls bounce off his chin than YOGI BERRA!

    Why are all the teabaggin' politicians closet homosexuals?

    Oh yeah -- its because "teabaggin'" is the act of putting a scrotum in one's mouth!

  4. You would think Anonymous-Stoooopid @5.48 a.m. would have the guts to choose an identity. He/she is trolling several WI progressive blogs with the same weird anti-teacher message.