Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ryan's Austere Hope will Show Americans that life isn't Fair.

Is Paul Ryan buying the country time? Ryan is first and foremost an extreme hard line ideologue. That’s the easy part.

Ryan has shaped numbers and math around his twisted vision, what is in fact, a fictionalized economic model written by Ayn Rand.

But Ryan’s also been around long enough to blame for our current $16 trillion debt.
1. Clinton left the U.S. projected surplus.

2. Ryan and the Republicans under Bush, gave that surplus back and borrowed everything else.

3. We went from surpluses to $16 trillion in debt with Ryan's help.

4. Oddly, Ryan and the Republicans now think  they're the ones that must save us from collapse.
Today’s article in the Wisconsin State Journal quoted Ryan as saying:
“…his highest priority is to ‘buy the country time’ with measures that will reduce its $16 trillion debt.”

Debt created and passed with Ryan's help. The Great Recession, remember that too? Ryan likes the tea party influence because it doesn't think! Teatards reined in Ryan's drunken spending.  

Ryan is treating the Baby Boom’s use of Medicare as if it were some surprise development too. Ryan  is saying America can’t afford keeping our senior citizens out of poverty?
And just after saying he wanted to “buy the country time,” he has the balls to say:
“I don’t see this as a gloom-and-doom alarmist message.”
And while health care costs continue to outpace inflation, businesses continue to drop coverage, but not because of Obamacare. Ryan’s already blaming Obamacare instead of corporate opportunists for dumping employees. If Ryan had his way, we’d be doubling down on and deregulating our already private system where doctors and hospitals could do whatever they wanted without any liability, and insurance companies would be exempt from paying out any claims. Now that’s the free market. 

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