Monday, January 14, 2013

Sly's back on the radio!

Who would have thought that the station I listen to for “Saturday Morning Oldies” on WEKZ would be the next home of Sly? It is. How can you miss with a station that includes a gospel hour from former WMTV weather guy Elmer Childress, and a wake program called "The Morning Mess."

Booming in from Freeport, Illinois, Big Radio WEKZ 93.7 FM, it’ll be the “Drive Home with Sly” show, from 3-6:30. Will Sly’s listeners be able to call in like before? Probably. I’m still not used to making breakfast without Sly on in the background though.

I have one radio that can receive 93.7 if the antenna is set just right. My kitchen under-the-counter radio has a problem with multiple appliances and walls, so it’s not so good. In fact, I can get the station better at 93.6 for some reason.  

Here's always reliable WKOW's coverage:

It might be time to update your home radios to the new internet receivers swiftly taking their place. I know, it never occurred to me either. Grace Digital Wi Fi radios have access to a broad range of programs, unlimited you might say, many more than their competitors. With portability and rechargeable batteries, why even have an FM tuner when you can just stream?

I found out from Blue Cheddar, who did this nice piece on Sly, check it out. I'm wallowing around with a good bout of the flu right now. 

It will be fun and energizing to have Sly back on the radio again. 

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