Friday, January 18, 2013

Governor Proposes Rules to Kick More off Unemployment. We need to punish the jobless, right?

I always get a call from my conservative friend when the Obama unemployment numbers come out, reminding me of all those looking for work who aren't counted anymore because they gave up.

He never calls me when Scott Walker's numbers come out. Funny thing, or something Walker can exploit?

I'm not sure why the press seemed to miss the obvious when Walker proposed rule changes requiring 4 job applications a week for the miserably unemployed, instead of two. But it makes sense; with more people kicked off the roles for not being able to come up with 4 job apps a week, Walker's unemployment numbers will improve dramatically by his reelection time.

Even two is a stretch. Having been there and done that, after about a month or two if you're lucky, there just aren't even 2 places to look anymore. The state requires details that would be hard to fake, like business addresses and telephone numbers, contacts...and that's just what I remember from many years back.

Business never liked paying into the unemployment fund, and WEDC's anti-worker Small Business Regulatory Review Board decided drop as many of their own unemployed as possible. It'll replenish the fund, but also slow the purchasing power of unemployed consumers, killing job creation and any possible economic recovery.

But that's how Republican think and manage government. And why were last in the Midwest and 42 in job creation nationwide.

And yet, "Walker for President?" Here's WKOW's coverage:

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