Friday, January 25, 2013

Soledad O'Brien tries to Reason with the Sick Mind of Dumb Ron Johnson.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien was never able to get Dumb Ron Johnson to think through, and respond to his own spontaneous dumb comments about Hillary Clinton. This is conspiratorial lunacy, and shouldn't be lost on Wisconsin voters the next time around. Johnson is a Benghazi Bamboozler.

I'd like to hear Johnson's reason why the administration would lie and mislead the country about the attack. Why, please? My guess is that most Republicans like Johnson, not so secretly agree with the anti-Muslim video that came out and upset the Middle East, one of the first possible reasons for the attack. They would prefer to tag the Obama administration with a "terrorist attack" like the great almighty Bush had on his watch. Rand Paul after all did say they were equal in his twisted little mind. Paul also wanted to slash security funding for our embassy's by 75 percent. On the House side, no ones asked Paul Ryan why he decided not to take up the senate bill on funding. Maybe it's Ryan's fault.

Soledad stayed on point, which befuddled the scatter-shot Johnson.

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