Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mayor Barrett on Sheriff Clarke: "Sounds like he's calling for a police state."

This clip is from a few weeks ago, but it's even more relevant today considering Sheriff David Clarke's recent public service announcement trashing 911 and calling for an armed citizenry.

Upfront's Mike Gousha asked Mayor Tom Barrett about Clarke's comment about gun control:
Clarke: "All of these suggestions about the need for gun control are the mindset of sheep." 
Barrett's response:
Barrett: "I support the people's right to have a gun, but I don't think we should demand that people have guns. And if that's the direction some are leaning toward, that's not our America, where people are basically forced to carry guns."
And isn't that what it's already come down too? Think of how fast we went from concealed carry for the few, to telling everyone that if they want to be safe, they'd better be armed.

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