Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ryan and House Promise 10 balanced budget.

Paul Ryan may now just have to go out on a limb; a detailed budget that balances in just 10 years. Remember Ryan's budget was supposed to be balanced in 2038. That's even after going through a whole bunch of different congresses. Good luck with that?

Well, the dynamic has change, maybe.

It's time for Republicans to detail their plan for cuts. It's not Obama's responsibility. He's not supposed to go first. It's wasn't Obama's big idea to go after every safety net program. It wasn't Obama who wants to dismantle government in  an austere way. It's Ryan's plan, and John Boehner is promising to give it to the public. I hope it's graded by the CBO.

Ezra Klein goes deep into the details. Great stuff:

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