Monday, January 21, 2013

The Walker Re-election Bribe; Tax Cuts for Middle Class...more to come...?

This is such an old ploy.

Gov. Scott Walker made a few mistakes in his interview with Mike Gousha. First he admitted that a majority of small businesses make under $200,000. That's not what we've been hearing from Paul Ryan and other Republican blowhards.

His second big mistake was offering up a pathetic tax cut to the middle class. With stunning detachment and irony, proposed putting extra money into the pockets of consumers because they'll spend it. He should have thought about that when he cut discretionary cash from public workers paychecks by making them pay more for health care and their pension plans.

The middle class tax cuts proposed by Scott Walker might come in at a measly $200 or so, with the promise of more to come IF we stay his course. Those cuts are wiped out by other budgetary trade-offs. It ratchets down state revenues, and requires more spending cuts. He said he wants to be just like Tennessee, Texas and Arizona. Sure if we didn't have to pay heating costs, snow plowing and road repairs due to Wisconsin's four seasons. We'll never come close to those states, and why should we?


  1. The Bush tax cuts were given because of a surplus...where did that lead to? Deeper in debt.
    Google "starve the beast" and it will explain what Walker is up to.

    Walker is up for reelection next year. The Obama and Baldwin wins in WI has him scared. So offer tax cuts...people love to hear it, but are naive about what services or programs will be cut to make up for that lost revenue.

    Be nicer to Hispanics...lure them in to get votes in 2014...just like the GOP did in 2010 with their creating jobs farce. BTW Gov has that creating 250,000 jobs worked out? WI ranks 42 out of 50 states in private sector job was a lure.

    Anyone with an ounce of intellegence can see right through Walker. A leopard doesn't change it's spots.

  2. walker borrowed almost half-a-billion dollars to create the lie that he had balanced the budget -- hell, he borrowed enough to proclaim he had a surplus.

    And walker stuck the state's rainy day fund with $109 million dollars of that debt!

    The Wisconsin media echo-chamber; Lee Enterprises, Journal Communcations, Gannett, Clear Channel spread the propaganda that this was responsible "conservative" policy.

    Walker will exploit the massive debt he is creating by excessive borrowing, the resulting large interest payments, and now tax cuts to create a bigger fiscal crisis than he ginned up in 2011.

    Expect some serious "divide and conquer" in the budget -- this is how scott walker prepared to "drop the bomb" 2 years ago.

    Now he needs to be more divisive and extreme -- he has to keep the donations rollin' into his criminal defense fund.