Friday, January 11, 2013

Republican Voter Fraud Rundown Pt. 1

I've been collecting stories where Republicans have committed election and voter fraud, yes, the same Republican defenders of electoral integrity. I've also included dead end investigations dropped by paranoid Republicans who couldn't prove their conspiracy theories.

I'm getting the feeling that the longer conservatives thought about all the different ways to commit fraud, the more they started to like many of the ideas. Another case of projection. Out of Massachusetts comes this amazing voter (actually “election”) fraud attempt by a few rabid Republicans. You’ll notice the news coverage doesn't really emphasize party affiliation. I wonder why?
1WWLP: Former East Longmeadow Selectman Enrico “Jack” Villamaino has been released after he and his wife Courtney Llewellyn answered to new charges in their voter fraud case. The two are accused in a voter fraud scheme, where in which 280 East Longmeadow residents had their party registration changed from Democratic to unenrolled. 280 applications for absentee ballots were then dropped off at the East Longmeadow Town Clerk’s office.

At the time, Villamaino was running for the Republican nomination for the 2nd Hampden District house seat. After the allegations came to light, he was soundly defeated. Villamaino has already been charged with nine counts of absentee voter fraud, interference with election officials, illegal attempt to vote, and larceny under $250. Llewellyn, a former town employee, and Villamaino were married in the midst of the scandal. She faces similar charges. 

2. AP: The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has found no wrongdoing with the registration of 20 people who signed up through the Rock the Vote website. FDLE agents said the information they gave was accurate. Additionally, FDLE has closed one case against a person accused of voting in the states of Florida and Rhode Island due to a lack of evidence that the person existed. The case was initiated by a group called True the Vote.

FDLE is still investigating alleged fraud involving a company hired by the state's Republican Party to register voters. Authorities are also looking into fake letters that questioned the citizenship of voters.
This story doesn't accuse either party, but does show how ELECTION FRAUD is the real problem:
Miami Herald: Florida and Miami-Dade County should tighten rules for voting by mail and make it easier to vote early in order to prevent fraud and plug “gaping holes” in absentee voting, a Miami-Dade grand jury has concluded … grand jurors made an astounding revelation: A county software vendor discovered that a clandestine, untraceable computer program submitted more than 2,500 fraudulent, “phantom” requests for voters who had not applied for absentee ballots in the August primary.

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