Monday, January 21, 2013

Not a good MLK Day for Walker!

I grew up in Milwaukee during the turbulent days of protests and curfews in the 60's. Apparently, those days are coming back to haunt those who wish to return to those times.


At the State Capitol, the 33rd annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration turned into an indictment of Governor Scott Walker … Father James Groppi was a firebrand Catholic priest who led civil rights marches throughout Milwaukee in the late 1960s, in a successful attempt to end housing discrimination in the city … his widow, whom he married after leaving the priesthood, created controversy by attacking Governor Walker's policies.

Dr. Margaret Rozga turned her attention on an unsuspecting Governor Walker.

"As a person who remembers that Martin Luther King was killed while he was working to organize sanitation workers, I know that anyone who works to curtail union rights is not in the tradition of Martin Luther King," said Dr. Rozga.

"And as someone who is a member of family that loves Wisconsin's natural resources, I know that if you endanger those resources, you are not standing with us," said Dr. Rozga. 

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