Monday, January 28, 2013

Doocy and Shapiro trade Obama/Hillary quips to showcase their stupidity.

Escaped “Lost Boys” from Neverland, Steve Doocy and Breitbart brat Ben Shapiro trash Obama’s latest reference to the lunacy of Fox News.

Seriously, Doocy and Breitbart editor Shapiro sound like naughty playground bullies, dishing out what conservative hate most, name calling :
“He’s an imperial president, and he has dictatorial tendencies,” Shapiro asserted, cutting right to the chase. The president is “talking about silencing members of the media that he doesn’t like,” Shapiro adding, “he’s a bully.” Doocy chimed in “What he’s saying, is the media is just not liberal enough.”

“I think he wants more than a media pass,” Shapiro responded. “I think he wants people who don’t like him to be quiet.” The pair went on to talk about the joint interview Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave to 60 Minutes last night. “There was so much purple love in the room,” Shapiro remarked. “This wasn't 60 Minutes. This was 60 Shades of Grey.” 

What swirls in their heads is exemplified by the nightmarish video below, edited because it was too long and too creepy. The Obama threat below resembles the kind of nightmare one gets while suffering a high fever that repeats over and over. This is like other video's found on conservative sites that beg you to click on them, and I do because I can't believe people make spend time making these things:

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