Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Under Walker, Wisconsin saw the Largest Increase in Children Living in Poverty last Year.

Don’t want to move to Louisiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, or Mississippi? Just wait, they’re coming to us.
Channel3000: Wisconsin saw the largest increase in children living in poverty at 21.4 percent, and increase from 12.7 percent in 2011.
This is what “Open for Business” means, a Dickensian renaissance in Wisconsin? And when it comes to health, we've slipped from one of the best, to a state that’s not keeping up with our own reputation.
Wisconsin ranks 16th in overall health in 2012, down four spots from last year's United Health Foundation's America's Health Rankings.
How low can we go?
The report said Wisconsin also ranked 50th in per capita public health funding at $39.
So how long will it be when we’re just like our southern slums?
The five least healthy states are South Carolina (46), West Virginia (47), Arkansas (48), and Mississippi and Louisiana, which tied for the 49th slot.

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