Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Republican Political Protection Racket shields Ryan, Duffy, Sensenbrenner and Petri on Sandy Relief No Vote.

The Wisconsin State Journal thought the House's Sandy relief vote was important enough to headline in this mornings paper, but with one difference; they didn't care to mention the no votes from Paul Ryan, James Sensenbrenner, Sean Duffy and Tom Petri.

Not one mention. Not one Ryan quote. Nothing. Looks like Wisconsin State Journal readers might not find out about who in the Republican Party turned their backs on Hurricane Sandy victims. Big surprise?

Why the hesitation? Well, the rotting soulless scoundrels listed above wanted offsetting cuts to Medicare and Social Security to pay for EMERGENCY aide to Sandy victims. Another words, "Need help? What can you do for me?" 

To demonstrate how truly stupid conservatives are about the National Flood Insurance Program, or helping disaster hit Americans in general, read the following clueless statement:
AP: The Club For Growth, a conservative group, urged lawmakers to oppose the flood insurance bill. "Congress should not allow the federal government to be involved in the flood insurance industry in the first place, let alone expand the national flood insurance program's authority," the group said in a statement.
The Club would like the private sector, the free market, to deal with flood insurance? Looks like the Club For Growth has their head up their ass again, forgetting why NFIP exists. Hint, it wasn't because Democrats wanted to tax, spend and get government to do everything:
Congress created the FEMA-run program in 1968 because few private insurers cover flood damage.
The private sector likes to run like hell when something gets too expensive. Suddenly, government is good. The insurance industry has the same deal going for nuclear power plant coverage, where taxpayers pick up the bill when things get too expensive...when it hurts corporate bottom lines.

Big bad old government has their backs. They don’t sound grateful either. 

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Good catch on the State Journal choosing to leave out the voting records of the local Reps. Lee Enterprises strikes again.

By the way, Ribble didn't vote yes or no, so the Wisconsin House GOP went 0 for 5 in voting for Sandy relief. Classy, huh?