Wednesday, January 9, 2013

State Laws that undermine Sensible Gun Regulation.

Here are a few state laws fighting sensible gun regulation, all the creation of Republican politicians.
ProPublica: Four of the Most Striking Ways States Have Loosened Gun Laws
1. Five states allow students to carry concealed guns on college campuses: A March 2012 Colorado Supreme Court decision held that the University of Colorado could not ban students and employees with state-issued concealed weapon permits from carrying guns on campus … the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a similar ruling … Wisconsin passed legislation in 2011 allowing college students in the University of Wisconsin school system to bring a concealed weapon on campus grounds, parking lots and “other spaces that aren’t enclosed” … A law passed by the Mississippi State Legislature in 2011 broadly extended the places where concealed weapons are allowed, including college campuses, secondary schools, courthouses, polling locations, churches, bars and passenger terminals of an airport – places previously off-limits. Utah grants the least discretion: Since 2004, the state has prohibited any public college or university from banning concealed weapons, as campuses are considered state property.

2. Some states now allow you to bring guns into daycare centers, churches, and even “gun-free zones”: Last week, the Michigan Legislature passed a law that would allow concealed weapons in current “gun-free” zones such as schools, day care centers, bars, churches, hospitals and stadiums. Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed the legislation since it lacked the same opt-out provision for non-private institutions like schools … loaded guns in bars are now allowed in Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia and Ohio. 

3. Eight states have (symbolically) asserted their freedom to be exempt from federal gun regulation: eight states have passed resolutions stating that guns made and manufactured in-state shouldn’t be subject to federal regulation: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Tennessee and Alaska.

4. Nearly half of states have adopted some type of “Stand Your Ground,” or “Shoot First” law7. A few states make it easy for even violent felons to get their gun rights restored.

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