Monday, July 2, 2012

Republican Governors choose to Break the Law, won't adopt Health Care Exchanges.

The next lawless trick up the GOP's sleeve: It's the movement for nullification of the Affordable Care Act.

Remember how Scott Walker passed Act 10, essentially killing unions, passed voter ID, passed concealed carry, passed abstinence only, made the biggest cuts to school funding ever, and then told millions of protesters to shut up, the people have spoken?

Now that Obama's Affordable Care Act passed constitutional muster, what's all the whining about for the last 3 years? The people elected Democrats to pass health care reform, and they did, so why all the complaining in between elections?

Guess the same rules don't apply to our conservative authoritarian leaders who act like 14 year old's throwing a tantrum.

So Republicans are now going to break the law of the land. Who thinks these guys should be lawmakers if they can't follow the law? To conservatives, we don't need law; we need a Republican Authority to make it all up as they go along.

American Commitment: 73 Republican House and Senate conservatives sent a letter to the National Governors Association, urging the states not to adopt state health care exchanges.  These exchanges are the centerpiece of Obama’s new entitlement. 

The IRS has asserted that the subsidies and penalties apply in states that refuse to set up exchanges.  The Senate will likely vote soon on overturning that lawless IRS rule.

Governors and state legislators who oppose the president’s health care law must oppose any creation of a state exchange to keep alive this option of defeating the law.

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