Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Capitol Police Chief has nothing to say about Future Crowd Control.

Protests at the Capitol were peaceful. Republican Rep. Robin Vos wanted to have a few heads cracked during the protest, just to make a point, and discourage others from taking part in our constitutionally protected right to demonstrate. One party rule is so much easier.

But Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was more of a piece maker, controlling the crowd throughout the entire protest, and preventing any possible flair ups. He's gone now, and in his place...David Erwin. Who's he?  
Erwin is a 16-year veteran of the Wisconsin State Patrol and has been serving as a captain in charge of Gov. Scott Walker's security with the Dignitary Protection Unit, the DOA said.
Want to see him in action? Here's the YouTube description of our first run in with our future chief:
This video was taken in the winter of 2011 during the massive protests at the Wisconsin state Capitol. They had locked the public out of the building with the exception of a small group of people who had been occupying the Capitol for over 2 weeks. We were receiving reports that people were being tunneled into the Capitol from a parking garage across the street. Youtube user Graddyooate went to the garage to see first hand what was going on. 
WSJ: He also served as commander of the State Patrol air support unit. Erwin served in United States Marine Corps, where he was an instructor sergeant.
Nothing like a drill sergeant to take control of the Capitol protests. Just as interesting is this description from another "crack a few heads open" true believer, DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch, who rephrases that more authoritarian sentiment by calling it "a fresh perspective of leadership:"
“Chief Erwin brings considerable experience to the job as well as a fresh perspective of leadership and experience to the Department. I look forward to working with him.” 

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  1. It could be our own fault. When we identify the fascists - they run them for office or appoint them head Gestapo.