Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally, Democrats say NO COMPROMISE! Republicans Outraged, claim their own tactic harms economy, creates uncertainty. But aren't they the ones....

Another fine mess they’ve got us in.

The story below proves without a doubt the Republicans in Congress know they’re screwing things up, and don’t care how it looks.

The premise; no compromise Republicans good, no compromise Democrats bad!
LA Times: Congressional Democratic leaders made clear Monday that they had no interest in averting the bleak scenario if Republicans continued to refuse to soften their hard-line opposition to higher taxes on wealthier Americans. "If Republicans won't work with us on a balanced approach, we are not going to get a deal," said Sen.Patty Murray.

The Democrats' hardball negotiating position unleashed a whirlwind of criticism from Republicans, who said the tactics would hurt the economy by adding to the uncertainty.
So…the Republican hard ball tactics are also hurting the economy and adding uncertainty? 

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