Wednesday, July 25, 2012

America's Liberal Outpost and Unionista Sanctuary, Madison, No. 1 city for Young Adults!

Madison has been described as a Democratic hellhole by every Republicans. That hellhole is now considered the No. 1 city in the U.S. for young adults. Even worse, this city, teaming with the enemies of corporate power, has another distinction:
Remember this award from Men's Health?
WSJ: The magazine said Madison was an “educated, tech-savvy city” with many recent college graduates who help foster an “entrepreneurial community” for start-up companies.
Start-up companies? That would fly in the face of self-made legacy millionaires and married into money senators pushing the freedom and liberty of larger CEO bonuses.
Its intellectual capital also was bolstered by the presence of UW-Madison and other colleges, along with Epic Systems, a top health care software developer based in Verona.

Both contributed to a wealth of “engineers, computer programmers and other eggheads” in the area, with “no shortage of smart people in town,” the magazine said.

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  1. This can't be right, jobs aren't created through social investment in public education, they are they are created by those with inherited wealth, members of the lucky sperm club. I think it's in the Bible somewhere.