Wednesday, July 25, 2012

State Journal Headline Bias Pathetic, Whines $81 Million wasted on Failed Recall.

Those darn Democrats, throwing all that much money away on a failed recall election. 

Reporter Mary Spacuzza can't be serious titling her piece with this noticeably deceptive spin. 

What a waste, huh? Who spent most of that $81 million? Stirring up the taxpayers Mary? Or is almost all of it corporate special interest cash meant to lock in another bought and paid for governor?
jsonline: The Democracy Campaign estimated Walker and groups supporting him spent $58.7 million, compared with $22 million spent by Barrett, three Democrats whom Barrett defeated in the May primary and groups supporting Democrats.

He collected two donations of $500,000 - 50 times the usual $10,000 limit per donor.

The Republican Governors Association spent $9.4 million supporting Walker; business lobbyists Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce-$4 million; and Americans for Prosperity and the MacIver Institute for Public Policy-$3.7 million touting Walker's policies.
All things equal? It's more like Spicuzza's failed recall reporting.

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