Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Voter Suppression Exposed.

The Root River Siren has another report on "minority election fraud in Racine." If you ever wanted to know how bat crazy the right wing is about voter suppression, this story says it all, here's just the first few paragraphs:

In our third installment of the effort to taint the Racine recall election and the Sheriff's investigation that killed it - is the story of Ardis Cerney and the report she filed with the Sheriff's office.

PART THREE - Ardis Sees Black People

Most of you dear readers don't know who Ardis Cerny is - be glad others do the dirty work of keeping track of this hot mess from Pewaukee.

Ardis is the founder of the "We're Watching Wisconsin Elections" which is an outfit as paranoid as their name suggests.
Read it all here.

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