Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Year of Corporate Person Marriage is Upon Us.

How insane is the whole idea of corporate personhood? 
Envision Seattle: Today, Corporate Person and Ms. Angela Vogel married at Westlake Park to highlight the ridiculousness and insidious harms of "Corporate Personhood". If you'd like to get involved in ending Corporate Personhood, please check out the I103 website.
There is a video showing the corporate person and bride's vows:

Check out a small part of this nicely worded marriage sermon:
Let us say AMEN !!!

THE PRONOUNCEMENT: Because Corporate Person and Angela Marie Vogel have consented together in commodified matrimony, having pledged to each other their faithfulness before Mammon and this public politically enslaved gathering: on behalf of our true religion, the worship of the dollar, and in compliance with the laws of this land, I pronounce that they are, from this day forward, husband and wife, one corporate flesh to the glory of Mammon and to the devastation of all the earth and its resources.

Corporate Person and Angela may your children become sacrifices in war for greater market gain, may your wealth be without end, may your desire for more always be insatiable. May you begin every day in expectation of profit, and end every night resting secure in each other’s bank accounts. May your continuous lies never be revealed, may your lawlessness never be held accountable, may your theft be forgiven, and may you own this nation lock, stock and barrel until freedom is no more.

You may kiss and merge --- and we may applaud.

Rev. Rich Lang ( is Pastor of University Temple United Methodist and a columnist for Real Change.

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