Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sen. Alberta Darling looks the fool, jumps on phony "We Did Build It" Romney Campaign!!!

Is Sen. Alberta Darling playing us for fools?
So what can a party do, that's not offering anything new, but the same old Bush policies and a flip floppy candidate that refuses to offer a detailed well articulated plan?

You're going to make something up, create a Mitt Romney, who is offering Sen. Albert Darling a presidential candidate she can look stupid supporting.

Darling and her fellow Republicans are going to intentionally misinterpret a comment by Pres. Obama and ride that to November? Seriously? The Daily Show shined a bright light on this empty campaign issue. Note: I don't know why they split the bit up into two parts, but it's worth watching:

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Here's part two, the big finish:

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