Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Special Session, No Jobs Bills for Walker, can't handle Sharing Power with Democrats.

Gov. Scott Walker's urgency to spur jobs growth in the state has been put on hold.

I'm sure that won't be received well by those hoping our politicians would keep working just a few more days this year-hell it's only July, and come up with something.

But that means Scott Walker has to deal with a divided legislature, which means compromise, which means...forget it. A dictatorship is so much easier. Walker basically came right out and said that, in this interview from MyFox News: 

For Walker, it would be so much easier, knowing before hand, that everyone will fall in line with the authority in charge now. But divided government, even gridlock, is hard work for a bunch of freeloading anti-government Republicans.  Call ALEC, see if they have any legislation...

Like not enforcing the Affordabel Care Act, Walker hopes to win back the legislative majority in November.

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