Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Earth to Ron Johnson, "You're an Ego-maniacal Blowhard!"

Dumb Ron Johnson falsely accuses Obama of crony capitalism, and when corrected, sticks with the lie, and when corrected again changes topic and blathers endlessly. RoJo the Clown has turned into an obnoxious political blowhard. D.C. has gone to his empty head.

In fact, dumb Ron Johnson compares lending money to emerging alternative energy companies to Russia and Cuba. I guess luring business to Wisconsin with tax breaks on the promise those companies survive and create jobs is also like Russia and Cuba? And then there's all that government money for oil exploration...oh never mind.

Here Johnson defends Mitt Romney's tax return secrecy, by insisting no one cares how a presidential candidate avoids paying his fair share of taxes. When Johnson ran for senate, he said nothing, promised little and wanted to change things he had completely wrong. That doesn't work when you're running for president. What a genius.

Johnson thinks people are after Romney's tax returns to see if he paid all his taxes, which is not the issue. He never gets it. He even suggested those Republican Sunday pundits, calling for Romney to release his taxes, weren't "real Americans." Solidad O'Brien nailed him:

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