Friday, July 20, 2012

Walker Supporters Silent on Job Losses or slow State Recovery...why?

According to a new survey by, those conservatives who are doing well in Wisconsin oddly think the country is going in the wrong direction. Yet they're happy as heck about the direction Walker is taking us, even though that's not going well at all. That kind of thinking is dangerous, especially when conservative voters have no desire to demand better results, because majority power is all that really matters to them now. They don't want anyone else controlling "their country." Click pic to enlarge:

I thought this was interesting:

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  1. The GOP is hardly the party of Lincoln anymore. I think Wisconsin employers are holding back from hiring--even though they might have received government stimulus money or other other incentives--to make Obama's recovery look bad.
    Any hiring will be delayed until after the election. This may hurt Scott Walker's job numbers, but he's supposedly in office through 2014. I think thier immediate concern is to try to remove Obama from office.