Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fitzgerald Brothers say now is not the time to create jobs! Really?

Now that the Democrats have taken over the state senate, they want to call a special session for job creation. But oddly, now is not the time. That's right, according to Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, and Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, it's time to take a break from job creation.
Jeff Fitzgerald: "It's a little disingenuous now, to take over the house, we're in the middle of a campaign season and say, we want to come in and work on jobs now. It doesn't seem to pass the smell test to me." 
So now isn't a good time to talk jobs? That should be big news to all those unemployed Wisconsin workers struggling to get by. Does the governor know the jobs agenda is on hold for now? Let's get the word out to the nations corporate persons, that the state is taking a break till January.

Rep. Fitzgerald even challenged Democrats to pass of a really bad mining bill to show how serious they were about creating jobs. Thankfully, this asshole won't be in the assembly next year. Channel3000:

"We outlined what we think has an opportunity for some short-term benefit to get people back to work soon, and I think in the six months that remain in this biennium that's what we should focus on," Democratic Sen. Mark Miller said.

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