Friday, July 20, 2012

Gun Loving Sturtevant Man's Plea Deal: Sell House and Move to Texas. Still want to be like Texas?

Who would have negotiated such a plea deal? Sure it's odd, but take a look at the guy we can't be happier to see go... 
Mt. Pleasant Patch: John Thillemann has 60 days to put his house up for sale and move out of Wisconsin, according to a plea deal reached Wednesday.

Thillemann, a former Sturtevant trustee, was charged last December with possession of a machine gun after police found a fully operational AK-47 under Thillemann's bed. Officers were in Thillemann's home while executing a search warrant based on complaints from neighbors that teenage girls were going in and out of his house. Thillemann may be suffering from some type of post traumatic stress. Thillemann agreed to put his house up for sale and move out of state. The Journal Times report says Thillemann will move to Texas.


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