Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Optimistic State "job creators" now certain; no new jobs.

When can we stop calling businesses "job creators," since its been 3 years of nothing? Just wondering.

Did you ever get the idea that Republican politicians are given maybe a little too much credit, for doing so little when it comes to jobs?

The following will show you how businesses will twist themselves into a pretzel, to keep one of their own friendly lawmakers in power, even if it means continually shooting themselves in the foot...for god knows how long.  
Wisconsin lost 10,200 construction jobs in the recent 12 months, a new report shows … Bob Barker, executive vice president of the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin (said) "There have been times when we have ranked at the bottom, and there have been times we have been ranked at the top," Barker said.
What happened to all the breathtaking panic of uncertainty? Could the policies be the cause of our states increasing unemployment numbers and steady job losses? Or does Walker deserve more time, like say 2 year or more, before we can expect “change you can believe in.” Obama wasn’t given any time at all dealing with a worldwide Great Recession, before Republicans attacked his policies as failed socialism. Yet Obama's policies have seen steady, slow job growth, and Walker…well, ya give him more time. 
Wisconsin lost an estimated 11,700 private sector jobs in June and the unemployment rate rose to 7 percent, the state Department of Workforce Development reported Thursday.
Here's WTDY's Dylan Brogan with the Walker story not many news outlets and conservative talk shows are covering. (audio)

And those conservative excuses keep on comin'…
Because of its shorter construction season, Wisconsin got hit harder than some other states, added Dennis Slater, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, a Milwaukee-based trade group.

Employment is likely to remain flat or shrink if federal and state officials continue to pull back on large infrastructure projects … "The public sector has been cutting construction in all areas. State governments have seen some pickup in revenue, but they're devoting it to Medicaid, public employee pensions and retiree health care. They haven't increased construction budgets, from what I have seen."-Ken Simonson, the  Associated General Contractors of America  chief economist said.
Yeah, maybe we should cut back on that sorry list of socialist programs and give it to private business.

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