Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Concealed carry rules Smart, Required by State Justice Department.

Oh how times have changed? Remember when Republicans and the NRA had a tantrum over a simple list of rules and gun training? Like 14 year old impulsive boys, they didn't want to wait to start playing with their guns. Whine, whine, whine. But now that Republican AG J.B. Van Hollen came up with a thoroughly, well thought out, mandatory gun training course, not a whimper...yet. You can bet NRA president Wayne LaPierre will chime in soon.
WSJ: The new rules not only require instruction on deadly force and how to stay out of trouble but mandate training on firearm safety rules and how to safely use, handle, transport and store firearms and ammunition. Training class sizes would be limited to 50 students per instructor.

The rules also would add steps for applicants to prove they received training. They still must submit a certificate or affidavit from their instructor or the training organization noting the course was completed, just as the emergency rules require, but they also would have to include a signed affirmation from the instructor or information on the certificate or affidavit or a signed statement from the applicant that the training met all the standards ... agency spokeswoman Dana Brueck said the standards in the permanent rules shouldn't affect anyone.

"The clarifications made in regards to the definitions of a firearms safety and training course are largely what firearms instructors are already teaching," she said in an email.

The agency tried to impose a minimum four-hour training standard … but the proposal sent Republican legislators and the National Rifle Association into an outrage. They complained the law doesn't call for any hour requirement for training … Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who leads the Justice Department, countered the law doesn't define training … no Republicans raised any problems with it on Monday.

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  1. We won't argue that gun safety courses are a good thing. People think that you just buy a gun and it's there when you need it, but if you don't learn to use your gun responsibly, you could do more harm to yourself than good. Gun safety courses help you to know your weapon and how to use it. This is a good rule.