Monday, July 16, 2012

How does Selling our Cows to Vietnam create jobs in Wisconsin?

The conservative daily trash delivered to our house everyday, Wisconsin State Journal, had the most amazing editorial supporting the Vietnam (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade deal: 
According to Paul Jadin, who leads the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation … Vietnam has the third fastest growing economy in the world, and it wants to buy more Wisconsin products, including dairy cows.
Dairy cows? It’s like selling the goose that lays the golden egg. Cows aren’t products, they provide the product, or am I missing something here? Once they're bred there, then Vietnam won't need anything else from us.

But in what can only be described as a surreal moment, the Wisconsin State Journal in supporting their case for a trade deal with Vietnam, claim the people there want taller children.
"They are coming right out and saying that 'We want your diet,'" Jadin said. Part of the attraction to Wisconsin food products is a desire by many Vietnamese people to have taller children, he added.

The Asian people are so short…?

One more point: Never having learned their lesson on offshoring our economy;
Trade, of course, is a two-way street. Some industries face tougher competition when barriers fall … Free trade allows more people access to more of what they want and need at better prices, which boosts the economy. It's not a zero-sum game.
Saving money at the checkout counter is a fair trade off for losing more jobs to offshore countries with slave labor like Vietnam? Really?

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  1. I believe that cows aren't actually shipped any more, but rather, frozen embryos are flown overseas and implanted in cattle already there who then give birth to holsteins. This would probably benefit the American Breeders Association.

    Since embryos are pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of actual milk producing cows I don't see this being a massive windfall for Wisconsin.