Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deer Czar Complete Phony...or am I the only one who noticed?

After watching con man "Dr." James Kroll make P.T. Barnum look like an amateur, I'm stunned Democratic legislators and fellow DNR employee's aren't completely outraged.

Deer czar Kroll is basically saying, 'let's get hunters involved,' they can do it for me. Science is too much work, and keeping track of chronic wasting disease...forget it. Draw dropping stuff. Kroll has that same dumb George W. look in his eyes. Maybe it's just me, but he seems to be just making it up as he's being interviewed. Kroll's report does its best to trash the biological scientific approach, for a more simplified back to nature solution...doing nothing. He calls it social science. Come on, this guy is a hack.

This is almost too hard to watch without throwing something at the monitor. From Here and Now:

Just as bad, the DNR will allow this crap to become policy, instead of screaming bloody murder. Here comes privatization and deregulated:


  1. In suggesting more emphasis on a social model for regulating the herd and hunt, Kroll recommends getting the Conservation Congress more involved. But under Walker and Cathy Stepp, the congress has been stripped of much of its voice, with decisions increasingly handed down by the political top dogs. Like all of this is going to work out! Hunters will complain/propose to the congress, the congress will recommend (since it can't legislate) policies in an attempt to meet these complaints and proposals, minus the scientific inputs, and then the Walker administration will simply go ahead and do whatever it wants, regardless. And if hunters aren't happy, it will use the congress as its whipping boy. What a system.

  2. $125,000 worth of bullshit. Basically he has created a blank canvas onto which the political hacks at the DNR can paint any corrupt, self-dealing policy they want.