Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WMC and Corporations now want Taxpayers to Train their Workers. Corporate Welfare Expands...

When Walker's Republican legislature took over, they cut funding for our state technical colleges. You know, these are tough times. But don't our tech schools retrain the unemployed for new careers?

We also know government has to get out of the way of the magical process we're told is the free market.

You wouldn't know any of this if you watched Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce whine and complain about not having a trained workforce. This is the little talked about area of corporate welfare we're going to hear more about.

Why haven't companies spent some of their profits on apprenticeships, or working with colleges to develop certain area's of demand? Now they want GOVERNMENT to get off its ass and spend taxpayer money on them, because they're the "job creators," right?

Corporate persons and WMC that represents them want us to believe its the public's fault for not training all the drones they need to increase profits. The big lie; if corporations have orders they can't fill because they lack an educated public to hire, then why don't they train new hires to increase their profits?

Don't believe me, WATCH THIS: From 2005, CNN exposed the corporate scam that includes cuts in training programs and a lot of whining:

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