Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obamacare Opponents now saying ‘See how bad it is, now that we’ve made it worse.”

The article below says a lot about how problems are first created by Republicans, and then blamed on Democrats. 

POINT ONE: Republican opponents of the Affordable Care Act are refusing to expand Medicaid in conservative states, resulting in fewer people being covered. “Obamacare" is a failure? No, Republicans created this problem.

POINT TWO: Republicans claim the people they've kicked off Medicaid will buy insurance in the new exchanges. And the exchanges are more expensive than Medicaid, thus costing taxpayer more money. “Obamacare” is a failure? No, Republicans created this problem.

Say it again; these are all Republican created problems.  

Check out the incredible article that lays all this out, in their own words:
The unintended, convoluted and costly consequences of President Barack Obama's signature health care law are about to be realized. This week, the CBO said that, because the U.S. Supreme Court, in ruling last month to validate most of the Affordable Care Act, allowed states to opt out of the law's expansion of Medicaid, about 3 million fewer people will end up insured than originally estimated.

We believe many, if not all, states controlled by Republican legislatures and governors will opt out.

There is, according to the budget office, a silver lining. Federal spending may be reduced $84 billion compared with original projections as taxpayers will be paying to insure 3 million fewer people.

When states opt out of the expansion of Medicaid … About 3 million of them are expected to enroll in Obamacare insurance exchanges … But exchanges' subsidies are more costly than Medicaid subsidies. When states seek to save their share of Medicaid costs by opting out of its expansion, the per-patient cost to Washington will increase for those getting insurance through an exchange instead.
See how horrible Obamacare is? But that’s not all; When it comes to taxes, Republicans want the poor to have “skin in the game,” so they would like those in poverty to pay federal taxes like everyone else. Yet at the same time, when it comes to health care, Republicans want to protect the poor from paying a tax penalty they can't afford:
"The tax/penalty would be at least $1,000 for most of the uninsured and more than $12,000 for high-income earners. Low-income families would be hit the hardest, as the tax would be as high as 10 percent of income."
Those hardest hit will actually be on Medicaid, and not penalized a thousand dollars. Do we look stupid to them?

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