Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fear Mongering Tea Party Ad: "Let's disqualify Obama before the Democratic National Convention."

After hearing Sly in the Morning playing this anti-Obama ad by the Conservative Majority Fund, I couldn't pass up posting these pieces of tea party trailer trash for its comedic value alone.

Those white trash true believers at the Conservative Majority Fund, along with the costumed freaks in the tea party movement, have decided dog whistle phrases were going right over the heads of slower members. Thus, the following almost laughable in-your-face ads. On a serious note to conservatives; doesn't any of this embarrass you?

The same kind of ad, but with the female touch:


  1. Again, I must ask, why aren't Romney's children submitting to DNA tests so that we can verify whether or not they all have the same mother and aren't in fact the children of a polygamist marriage?

    Romney denies being a polygamist but why doesn't provide the proof? What is he covering up?

  2. that is about the dumbest comment ever made. Shows how stupid the dems are, then again look who they voted for as (incompetent) President.
    In out Constitution it also clearly states that in order to qualify to run for President one must be a natural born citizen and BOTH PARENTS must be American citizens at time of birth.
    EVEN if BHO was truly born in Hawaii, his father was a foreign citizen, thus disqualified him to be US President.
    Oh, silly me... it's a Democrat so they play under different rules!

  3. Really??
    "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."
    Must be different in the Tea Party version. BTW the 1st presidents were born as British citizens

  4. For years, people have been asking for Obama's birth certificate. He gave them two, the short form and the long form. Now people are asking for Romney's tax returns. The ones he showed McCain (and then McCain chose Palin). Personally, I want to see the tax returns.

  5. Are ONLY his college and Harvard records sealed, in some sort of conspiracy (as this add seems to indicate?). Well, no - all college records are sealed, as part of routine privacy protection.

    No-one has seen the actual birth certificate? But I can see every one else's? Well, no - in Hawaii any request to see a birth certificate generates a document -- the "actual" one is never dragged out for every nim-wit who asks. Every one is treated the same way, so according to this logic no-one born in Hawaii can run for president. Additionally, do all the numb-nuts want me to be able to get a copy of their certificate, just for asking? I would assume not.

    Don't people think about this drivel before they spout it?

    Still, it makes for entertainingly strident Am radio, and all of the arguments also fit on a bumper sticker and make handy t-shirt slogans. The only scary thing is that we often end up with the government we deserve, and if people allow themselves to be led by the number of asinine adds they see. we may well deserve a government that wraps itself in the flag while refusing to acknowledge that their positions deny basic American freedoms.

    I have an absolute right to a gun, but the separation of church and state is a gray area, where as long as the majority gets its way, everything is fine.

    I have an absolute right to fund anti-gay programs (as a free-speech issue) but you do not have the right to marry a same-sex partner (because my god says you can't.)

    Makes me sick. I say, America -- love it or leave it. If you try to cram your narrow minded religious beliefs and your dated bigotry down my throat, feel free to move to a country where the government does impose a religious law, feel free to move to a place where the majority does indeed have the right to force the minority to behave as the majority dictates. Just don't try and makes this country into one of those countries.

    Our laws function best and are at their most noble when the few are protected from the many, and not the other way around.

  6. Good comments, appreciate this kind of feed back and perspective.