Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Portage Parents outraged over school closings. Walker Voters there Offended by Public Anger.

WTDY's Kurt Baron wasn't happy. His old school in Portage is on the chopping block, thanks to Scott Walker's educational tools.

Walker's left it up to the local school boards to do the dirty work...and they will, regardless of how angry parents get. There's always going to be those conservative "I've got mine" tightwads in the crowd that don't want to pay back what they got themselves in their childhood.

Three schools will close, and the opportunity for parents to register their dissatisfaction in public is all for show. The school district has already made their decision based on the fact that they've only offered one proposed referendum choice. They could have a number of other choices? Channel3000 has the report on the meeting:

According to Vinny, a WTDY listener, when he asked Sen. Glenn Grothman (growth-men) "why are you trying to destroy education in this state?" Grothman's answer, "it's on the decline anyway." Here's an audio part of Kurt's program:

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