Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ron Johnson gives in to America's potential killers, says: " 30-Round Magazines are just Common."

This guy keeps getting dumber and dumber. Please, will someone challenge this tea party idiot?

Laws…who needs ‘em? Why have a speed limit when someone is just going to break it? Why have a sensible law restricting guns from having large ammo clips, when someone will just carry more guns or buy an illegal one?

Why even have LAWmakers at all, when laws don't matter anyway? One thing is for certain, we don’t need so much useless, upside down thinking from the blathering idiot of senate, Ron Johnson. Fox News' Chris Wallace asked a perfectly reasonable question, and got this jumbled mindless disconnected answer: 

Johnson: "People will talk about unusually lethal weapons, that could be potentially a discussion you could have. But the fact of the matter is there are 30-round magazines that are just common. You simply can’t keep these weapons out of the hands of sick, demented individuals who want to do harm. And when you try to do it, you restrict our freedoms."
Guess we've "restricted" the victims in the theater shooting, of their freedom to live. What an sociopath.  

The problem with the argument that someone with a concealed weapon might be able to stop someone hits the brick wall when in fact, almost no one carries a concealed weapon. So more guns, doesn't mean more protection:
Ron Johnson: “If a responsible individual had been carrying a weapon, maybe, maybe they could have prevented some of those deaths, some of those injuries,” he said.


  1. " Guess we've "restricted" the victims in the theater shooting, of their freedom to live. What an sociopath. "

    And there you have a constitutional challeng in the works.

  2. Since the Republicans are allowing delegates to bring weapons onto the floor of their convention I'm assuming they will permit 30 and 100 round ammo clips as well. I mean, we can't have too much freedom can we?