Saturday, July 21, 2012

Conservative business people actually believe they did it all themselves. That explains a lot!

The small partisan minds of business owners on the right always seem to get agitated by a simple word or a phrase, losing sight of the point being made. It’s an easy way to make themselves feel real important, and look the rugged individual, so I can see why they do it.

Here’s one wonderful example that appeared in the MountPleasant Patch:
Brian Day: This past week, President Obama raised some eyebrows when he told an audience that small business owners did not get where they are by themselves, suggesting that they owe their success to the federal government.
He never said anything like that, but nice try, and a common tactic on the right to make sweeping nonsensical generalizations. He never said we owed our success to government, ever, but if he had that certainly would have been outrageous. But Day resents everything that makes the market work for business and consumers, from unemployment insurance, to licenses, to workers compensation, Social Security, Medicare, fuel taxes to the estate tax. It’s all Obama’s fault. Hell, who needs any of this stuff?
From where I stand Mr. President, I pay a disproportion of taxes where I don't feel the federal government deserves my thanks. Yes, I have had teacher to thank, but they didn't take the risk I did. But I can guaranty that the federal government did nothing but put up road blocks to my success.  Some years, some of my employees make more than I do.  I thought this was the American dream, but under your leadership, it's becoming more of a nightmare. We are responsible for 4 out of every five jobs out there.
Oops, did he really mean “DEMAND” is responsible for all the jobs he’s had to create so he could make more money. If his clients saw their incomes drop, Day would lose business. But that's beside the point, Day did it all himself. Oh wait, Mitten's Romney said the same thing as Obama (did you know Obama is black?):

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  1. Here's the bait- bite!July 21, 2012 at 9:19 PM


    One has to wonder if Obama is baiting Mittens!

    It's working!