Monday, July 30, 2012

Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan push Appalling Obama comment Lie, "We Did Build It!!"

Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, are two "fools on the hill," Capitol Hill.

And the peaceful sleepy community of Janesville rocked Sunday. According to the Janesville Gazette:
Police were called when opposing groups clashed at a rally in downtown Janesville on Sunday night. About 140 supporters of presidential candidate Mitt Romney had assembled …  About 25 people showed up to protest. Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Paul Ryan arrived … and began speaking on a small stage when a few of the protesters holding signs tried to move close to the stage. Some protesters chanted "Ron Johnson supports China!"

Among the protesters was WTDY radio host John "Sly" Sylvester, known to many as Sly in the Morning. Sylvester and several supporters brought Chinese flags and accused Johnson of exporting jobs to China. Johnson said in an interview later that he does not employ anyone in China.
Funny, that’s not what the protesters were chanting. Is Johnson so stupid he doesn’t know that his support of China’s business climate and “certainty,” which he supported during his senate campaign, does nothing for U.S. job creation? 
Some rally-goers tried to block the protesters who were trying to get close to the stage. The two sides pushed at each other. One man repeatedly poked two small American flags at the sign held by one of the protesters. Johnson … quickly turned the microphone over to Ryan.

"This is Janesville. We're civil with one another. … We're not going to let these things distract us," Ryan said.
It's not hard to imagine how much Ryan and Johnson detest civil unrest. Ryan and Johnson’s support of corporate freedoms that promote offshoring and outsourcing aren’t on the minds of Romney voters. They really don’t know, they thinks it's all about the "R"'s vs the "D"'s. 
"We're both on the same side. We want prosperity back in America for every generation," Romney supporter Deborah Moore of Janesville said afterward. "It breaks my heart that they are so angry, and I try not to be," Moore said.

These "We did build it" phony's have nothing left to offer but an intentional misinterpretation of an Obama statement. It was clear he was referring to roads and bridges, and not someones business. From WTDY's Dylan Brogan (audio):

The key talking point repeated all weekend, "if you listen to the comment in context, its even more devastating." Just the opposite Paul, it would be even more obvious this is just another GOP con job.

As the Root River Siren put it about these "We Did Build It" self made millionaires:
Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson hit the road in Wisconsin this weekend to support Mitt Romney while he was in the Holy Land making a jackass out of himself. Coined the "We DID Build It!" tour, The tour was meant to be a smart alecky response to the Barack Obama/Elizabeth Warren meme: if you are successful and rich in America - others (including the government) helped you along the road to your success.

Republicans having wholly misunderstood the concept underscored their ignorance by sending out Johnson and Ryan on the road to talk with voters about how they are self-made men who achieved greatness and fortune by themselves.

Ron Johnson, who made his millions so he could purchase a seat in the U.S. Senate was set up in business by his father-in-law when Johnson married a very wealthy heiress. Paul, as the well-known true story goes, put himself through college on social security benefits he received when his father sadly passed away. No doubt Paul would have rather had his father than the public money he  got, but as the architect for privatizing Medicare and Social Security it sure is curious isn't it? Slimey bastard.

Paul's family who owns a very large and successful construction firmowes it's longevity to projects like landfill Superfund projects - paid for by the public. 


  1. Ryan and Johnson are hypocrites. They have benefitted using government help. Johnson's Pacur in Oshkosh was started by his rich father-in-law, who ran Bemis and received state money through the oshkosh Industrial Development Corp (Chamco). Johnson's job was part of aid Pacur received through HUD. Johnson would later go to work for Chamco as a director.
    Ryan's father-in-law Dan Little is an Oklahoma energy lawyer, whose businesses Ryan himself owns shares in: Ava O Limited Mining Co.(8% interest); Blondie & Brownie(10%); Little Land Co., and; Red River Pine Timber (7%).
    Ryan's budget gives $43 billion dollars in tax breaks. They make millions leasing rights to energy giants engaged in natural gas fracking. ALEC is promoting expansion of fracking rights through legislators like Paul Ryan.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.