Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ron Johnson vs former Representative and doctor Steve Kagan on Affordable Care Act.

Have I mentioned how dumb Ron Johnson is? Check out his comments about the passage of the Affordable Care Act-NBC26:
Johnson: “It’s now in the hands of Congress and the hands of American people.” 
Congress and the American people are one and the same...remember, we voted them in to represent us, right. That concept was used when a whole bunch of Democrats voted for the Affordable Care Act. They too were representing the people who were promised a national health care plan during the campaigns in 2008.

Ron Johnson, RoJo the Clown, is talking about losing individual choice. What does he mean? He's talking about the choice of buying less coverage, health care on the cheap, because most people can predict their next sickness or accident. Like all con men, Republicans are pushing junk insurance policies that rake in profits, and don't pay a dime out for coverage. Business friendly you might say.
Johnson said Thursday’s decision takes away the individual choice, and said his party will work to repeal. "It's about putting this country back on a path of an opportunity society, with people, individuals in control, not the government," said Sen. Johnson. 
Really, people don't have control over buying an insurance policy tailor made for them, but with basic coverage that creates consumer certainty? Only business is guaranteed certainty?

Our former congressman and doctor, Steve Kagan, had a much better answer to the courts decision:
But on the other side, former Democratic Congressman, Dr. Steve Kagan said this is a milestone. "Healthcare is no longer a privilege, it's a right," said Kagan. Kagan said it’s a benefit for not only physicians, but all Americans. He added, discrimination against preexisting conditions is gone. "We applied our civil rights to protect us against discrimination, not just at the lunch counter, but now at the pharmacy counter," said Kagan. 
I loved that answer. Wish he would run again, and win. 

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