Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vicki McKenna would prefer we don't tell seniors they might qualify for food stamps.

Conservative radio hag Vicki McKenna and guest David Blaska laugh in disgust at a public service announcement reaching out to those who qualify for food stamps.

The ad features two black retirees talking about their need for food stamps. Blaska chimes in, "That's almost like Kingfish and Saphire if you go back to Amos 'n Andy..." Nothing condescending or borderline racist about that. Ironically, McKenna called the ad racist.

And like when the Bush administrations didn't want to tell veterans of their benefits, McKenna would prefer not telling those who qualify for food stamps that they can eat again, so the government could save some money

Note; I have every episode of the TV version of Amos 'n Andy on DVD. It was a great show that I remember watching way back then. Great comedic actors and really funny story lines. I thought it was unfairly criticized by the NAACP, although I'll admit, I was too young to understand those times.

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