Monday, June 18, 2012

Vickin McKenna lies about me and liberalism.

It looks like my old partner in talk radio, Vicki McKenna, kinda mentioned me the other day. Not by name of course. She made up something about me describing myself as a "progressive," and not a liberal, which is an absolute BS. I have never allowed Republicans to dictate, or frame the word liberal as a negative. But that little truth never stopped Vicki from making stuff up.

I'll be on Sly in the Morning tomorrow at 9:35 am, the guy who discovered this little audio gem, and dissect the lunacy. Here are the only two pictures from that nightmarish but invaluable year on Upfront, in this audio slideshow

Here's my response with Sly.


  1. Wow --- I say I'm a proud liberal all the time. Or progressive. Sheesh. The headline could just have easily simply been "Vicki McKenna Lies".

  2. Congrats! You got... a comment!

  3. Trolls can comment here too, welcome. Anal retentive much?

  4. You are really a lightweight. The reason you don't have a job on liberal talk radio is that you couldn't debate your way out of a kindergarden class. I listen to that show numerous times and you were weak. Proof in the pudding is that Vicki has gotten national attention many times, hosts her own popular radio show on 1310 AM and you are unemployed as a talk show host....still.

  5. Thanks for the critique. That simple account is has nothing to do with reality, but I can see why it works for you. I had numerous morning radio shows, one best of Madison award, and loved talking political facts, unlike McKenna.

    In your upside down, down the rabbit hole Bizarro World, Vicki doesn't name call, create a liberal enemy, never mentions the Republican Great Recession, blames unions and not the banks for job losses and slow recovery, creates fake threats and issues and claims to know how liberals think. Wrong. Her listeners, including you, have threatened citizens with late night phone calls, bullied recall petitioners, used the recall site as a blacklist, never thinks their elected officials are "public employees" that should earn their money and not take off 2/3 of the year, you would settle for polluting drinking water for mining jobs, thinks one party rule works in a representative democracy, has authoritarian tendencies and votes against your best interests (which will cost you a lot more out-of-pocket hard earned money).

    As for me being out of work, point to a radio station hiring liberal talk hosts, I could use the heads up. Milwaukee votes Democratic, yet there are no announcers for them to listen too. How odd?

    Vicki is at this point in her career unprofessional, sloppy and pointless, something a program director would normally oversee and correct. That's not happening, and for some reason, you like disconnected thoughts, paranoid rantings, and trash talk.

    Thanks for your uninformed assessment of my life and career, Mr. know-it-all.