Thursday, June 21, 2012

Radical Communist Nuns on a Bus? The Genius flowing out of Talk Radio....

Upside down, inside out, black is white, down the rabbit hole of life, Vicki McKenna knows no bounds or limits on how low she'll go. The blathering talk host actually said,
Vicki: "I find it so amusing that the left wing, they love the Catholic Church today, because a bunch of radical communist nuns..."
That's odd; aren't the Republicans loving the Catholic Bishops right now, standing with them to oppose contraception in health care?  The word hypocrite is sounding a bit mild these days, ya think?

And that's only the beginning. In Vicki's mind, downsizing food stamps and Medicaid, kicking millions off the programs, will save the programs for those who "really need it" themselves, those hard working conservatives displaced by their own failed policies. Their dumb, but they're not that dumb. Here's the's short:

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